High quality print on smooth mat paper, 300 g/m². With a white border for framing. All my prints are signed by me.                                            The image is centered on the paper, the whole sheet size (including borders) is: 34x 24cm


   blue flowers1     

    blue flowers 2   

     blue flowers 3    

  again blue  1   

  again blue 2    

leaves in the wind

  ...a few autumn flowers     

     blue  leaves   

   Homeland's wildflowers      


   Homeland's wildflowers 4a     

         Magnolia  green         


   Homeland's wildflowers1a     

         Magnolia  pink           

   Homeland's wildflowers black3a     

   Homeland's wildflowers 2a     

    blue roses    

   blue flowers 1a   

     blue flowers 3a  

     blue flowers 3c  

     blue flowers 3b  

     blue wildflowers!!!!! 

  blue flowers A 

    homeland  blue flowers  

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