January 2021 

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 June ......they arrived!!!!


March - April 2020


                                                                   You and me in the park (Jij en ik in het park)

            Every Sunday the children of the neighborhood come to the park to play and have fun. It’s a joyful gathering.

             Francesco and Anna take part in it too, but they have never spoken one another.

             Until that one day, when the lines of their kites entangle, above their heads high up in the sky…


                                                                     A Unique Sunday (Een bijzondere zondag)

                Our little Sophia was really bored on that rainy Sunday. She had originally planned that she would play with her  friends,

         but the rain ruined all her plans .... The fact that her aunt Coralia invited her for lunch made her even more furious.

         She got into the car with no joy and went to her aunt's house completely unhappy.

         They all ate around the table, then they all sat in the living room ... but she would not care less for the discussion of all adults.

         But when her aunt took her in her arms and started telling her different stories, everything seems to have changed ......

A Unique Sunday,.jpg

    May   Days of Silence

translation in Romania!


                           A Unique Sunday...

      Key Colours - illustrator's award 2018. (silver medal)

  It’s Sunday and it’s raining. The girl can’t play with her friends, so it will be a boring day. It’s even worse when the family is going to visit auntie. Until she starts telling fantastic stories. It suddenly becomes a great Sunday.

The illustrations have a strong natural look. Gray and dark clouds, the sadness of a gloomy Sunday are very expressive.

The images become brighter and warmer when the aunt's stories come to life.....


home  exhibition of Illustrators  31/10-2/12   "Myrtillo Cafe"

  November 2018    The bear ...!   

May....and some wings!!!!

...at February 2018...     back stage....

..at November - December 2017

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