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                                                                 Some of my books



2024     "The little island"                                          Papadopoulos Publ.

2023         When I grow up I will tell you.            Psychogios publications

2023             In My Dreams                                           Clavis Publ. 

2022             In mijn dromen                                          Clavis Publ.

2022                Days of light                                     Patakis Publications  

2022          Lena and the bee                                   Patakis Publications

2022       I would give everything..                     Psychogios publications    

2022       A nothing that became "something".        Kalenti Publications

2021          Infanta's birthday                                   Patakis Publications

2021          "Jours de Silence"                                "La Marmite à Mots" Publ.

2021       Calendar 2022Freedom days                    Patakis Publications  

2021        Sundays in the park                                    Dioptra Publ.

2021        Marina's wish                                                Teleia Publ.

2021       "My alien mom!!"                                       Patakis Publications  

2021        " A Unique Sunday"                                      Dioptra Publ.

2020        Jij en ik in het park (You and me in the park)         Clavis Publ.

2020        Een bijzondere zondag  (A Unique Sunday)      Clavis Publ.

2019         "A shop with Kisses "                                 Metaixmio Publ.

2019          "The Nothing Library"                                Minoas Publ.

2019      "ALL you can live with a book.."                   Patakis Publications  

2019      "Days of Silence"                                         Patakis Publications  

2018      "My teddy bear the storyteller"                     Metaixmio Publ.

2017         "At least two"                                             Patakis Publications  

2017       "Santa’s little helpers"                                 Patakis Publications

2017      'The little frog."                                            Patakis Publications

2017.  «Violet and the Knight»                                    Metaixmio Publ.         

2017     «Not»                                                           Patakis Publications

2015   Fenia,  the beloved of sounds                       Patakis Publications

2015  “The King who had too much of everything”  Patakis Publications

2015   “I do not want to learn to read’                        Metaixmio Publ.

2014    “Μr. time  I have many complaints.”            Patakis Publications

2014   «The maypole »                                            Patakis Publications   

2013   “The painting that travels”                            kalendis  Publications 

2012   The "why" of children….                                Patakis Publications
2012  «Pirulito and Rozalia»                                    Patakis Publications
2011  “Loukia's swallow”                                         Patakis Publications
2011 "Stories about kissing"                                   Minoas Publications

2009 «Anna and the gift from the moon»            modern times publications
2009 « A city... but which city..»                               Agyra publications
2009 «King Snail's Christmas» (illustration)             Agyra publications
2009  «Two stories that ask questions»                  Agyra publications
2009 «Granny in Fairytale-land»                     modern times publications
2008 «Enchanting Christmas stories»                    Agyra publications
2008 « Words of silk» (illustration)                          Diptycho publications
2008 «The rain of stars» (illustration)                       modern times publ.
2007 «Save the earth» (illustration)                                Diptyho publ.
2007 «Manuscripts of the tower» (illustration)                Patakis publ.
2007 « Dakri's achivment» (illustration)                          Patakis publ
2006 « Taro and the cadyman » (Illustration)                 Patakis Publ.

2005 The book « Infanta's Birhtday »                    translated into Korean.
2004 «Sundays in the park...»                            (Text - Illustration) Livanis Publ..
2004 «Witch Academy» (Illustration)                                   Livanis Publ.
2004 « Minoux and Prince Desire» ( Adaptation - Illustration) Livanis Publ.

2003 Publication by the Einaudi Ragazzi Publ., of the book,
         «Infanta's Birhtday»- (Adaptation - Illustration) – (with the title " IL COMPLEANNO DELL' INFANTA")
2003 «The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep»(Adaptation - Illustration) Kedros Publ.
2003 «My Little Valentine» (Illustration)                             Mikri Militos Publ.
2002 «Together with the Puppets» Note-book (Idea - Illustration) Mikri Militos Publ.
2002 «Facing loneliness» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
2002 «Facing loneliness» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
2002 « King Snail and the Vinegar Witch» (Illustration) Kedros Publ.
2001 «Polykrates's ring» (Illustration) Papadopoulos Publ.
2001 « Mister 'Tomorrow night'» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
2001 «The Prince and the spell bound Fairy» (Illustration) Minoas Publ.
2001 «Angelika» (Illustration) Papadopoulos Publ.
2001 «The man who planted trees» (Illustration) Papadopoulos Publ.
2000 «The hidden wedding-dress» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
2000 «The Apple tree» (Illustration) Papadopoulos Publ.
2000 «The little tailor» (Illustration) Papadopoulos Publ.
2000 «The sea» (Illustration) Papadopoulos Publ.
2000 7 books by Enid Blyton , (Illustration)

  "At St. Clare's college" (Illustration)

  "Claydine at St. Clare's" (Illustration)

  "The twins at St. Clare's" (Illustration)

  "Second form at St. Clare's" (Illustration)

  "The Third Form at St. Clare's" (Illustration)

  "Fifth Formers at St. Clare's" (Illustration)

  "The Sixth Form at St. Clare's" (Illustration) Minoas Publ.

1999 «Infanta's Birthday» (Adaptation-Illustration) Patakis Publ.
1999 « Good morning old-Watch» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1999 «Four recipes full of spells» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1999 « Holly night» (Illustration) Minoas Publ.
1999 « The snow-man took mommy away» (Illustration) Patakis Publ
1998 «The naughty little star» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1998 « Twinkling Stories» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1998 «Love me just the way I am» (Text - Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1998 «Nobody's perfect...» (Text – Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1997 «A Winter Story» (Text - Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1996 «Red painted eggs» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1996 «The spell bound turtle» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1995 «The emperor's New Clothes » (Text-Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1995 «The circle of Silence» (Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1994 «Nikita's Tree» (Text-Illustration) Ellinika Grammata Publ.
1991 «A Christmas Gift» (Text-Illustration) Kastaniotis Publ.

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